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We created the world's best onesie


what is tuxy?

Tuxy is the world’s first good looking onesie. After years of research, prototyping and testing, we’ve come up with the most comfortable functional piece of clothing possible and it looks great! Tuxy is so awesome, you’re sure to bring it with you everywhere to reward all of your adventures. From your couch to CrossFit, beaches to bonfires, Tuxy will be there to keep you comfy.


How does it work?

  1. Join our community of athletes and adventure seekers by signing up below.

  2. Get access to our Tuxy Team Members group. This is where we share our updates and engage with our team as we launch our product worldwide.   

  3. Interact with us & tag us as you see fit. Proactive Team Members will be rewarded with Tuxy gear, swag and have their adventures featured on our social media accounts.

  4. As we launch the Tuxy Suit, team members will be the first to get access to their own suit with early adopter pricing.  

  5. Be yourself & keep living your adventures. 


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