Why Tuxy?

You might be wondering: why a Tuxy? The idea for the Tuxy first began with the desire to create a unique piece of clothing that would not just get you from one point to another, but get the most out of life in the process.

Not only is the Tuxy functional in countless circumstances and situations in your day-to-day life, wearing it means less time spent changing outfits and thinking about what to wear next, and more time actually living.

Upgrade your comfort

With The World's Best One-Piece Lounge Suit

Upgrade your comfort

With The World's Best Lounge Suit
Experience Comfort and Style with Tuxy's Patented Design

Our patented design allows the top and the bottom to be connected, but still move independently and be flexible enough for any way you are moving throughout your day. The high quality, breathable fabrics and custom fit mean you won’t spend a single second being uncomfortable. The stylish design means you won’t think twice about stepping out in a Tuxy.

It really does have everything.

Tuxy suit zoomed in on the mid part of users body. User us pulling the tuxy suit up at the waist to show the one-piece component. The tuxy suit has dark grey pants on the bottom and light grey sweater on top. There is detailed writing on image describing the patented waist design.