Chic Choc

       Tuxy expedition X Chic Choc

Written by: Marcel Leblanc
   The Chic-Choc mountain range offers some of the best riding east of the Rockies. Located in central Gaspésie in Quebec, it has tall rounded peaks as far as the eye can see. The microclimate here offers roughly 8-10 meters of annual snowfall on these bad boys every season. Perfect for anyone looking for some steep and deep conditions.
  There’s nothing better than gearing up for an adventure. Picking up the guys, packing up the gear and the beer… Stoke levels are high! When you’re venturing into unknown lands, you gotta hit up the local shops for some last-minute gear and to gather some intel on the best spots to check out. The guys from Caroune Ski Shop were a huge help. You start checking out maps, guidebooks and weather forecast to find the best conditions for an epic ride.
 At the bottom of the mountain, it’s time to get pumped for the trek. Touring in this awesome mountain range with good friends and good tunes is absolutely epic. Earning your turns certainly has its upside. The panoramic views paired with raw exposure to the elements has a way of making you feel alive like nothing else.

"The panoramic views paired with raw exposure to the elements has a way of making you feel alive like nothing else"

  When the climb is done, you’re on top of the world. As you put away your skins and start strapping in for the ride down, you start scoping out your run. You can feel the tension and excitement in the crew. Everyone is stoked to get theirs. Adrenaline, fresh snow and deep turns await. When it’s your turn to drop in, the world kinda stops turning for a minute. Time stands still as you charge your way around the trees as hard as you can.

 Cabin life is hard to beat. After touring and riding in -30 degrees for a full day, it’s time to reward your adventure. Slip into your TUXY, grab a few fireside beers and settle in for some serious après-ski lounging. As the fire dries off the gear for the next day, it’s time to scope out tomorrow’s destination to go out and do it all over again.



Written by: Marcel Leblanc
Photo’s: Derek W. Martin


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