Hugo Perrin  / Tuxy ambassador

Hugo Perrin / Tuxy ambassador

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Name: Hugo Perrin    
Age: 27
Home/Country of Origin: Based in Québec, Born and raised in France
Profession: Filmmaker


Hugo is a Director and Cinematographer based in Quebec.

With more than 20 hours of airtime on national and international channels; working on projects such as Hooké since the beginning, he is specialized in outdoor production.

This specialization has led him to travel the world several times over, traveling and working in more than 20 different countries. Including expeditions to the most remote and harsh places on the planet, from the Malvinas Islands to the Antarctic Peninsula, from the Russian and Canadian Arctic to the North Pole.

Throughout his travels, Hugo has met several hundred people. Passionate people with whom he likes to share their story, their culture, their lives...

Any terrain, on land or underwater (open water), in the air (more than 300 hours of drone flight), travel does not scare him. Spending long hours outdoors and talking with people he meets to bring out their personalities.

He has also worked on several short films, documentaries, and TV show.


Craziest story:

Two years ago I was directing and shooting for a TV show called Hooké with Derek the CEO of Tuxy, the shoot was in the northern Quebec in Inuit country, above the arctic circle. One morning onboard our motorized canoe, we encountered a polar bear swimming in the middle of the estuary, it’s was so exciting, we were so close to this magnificent beast, and I asked our guide to be in safe and respectful distance from the polar bear and to put the motor to neutral to avoid the vibration to make for the perfect shot. He suddenly shut off the motor, and the polar bear faced me and swam directly towards our boat, It was so terrifying and exciting at the same time! Our guide tried to start the motor again but had no luck, suddenly the motor restarted and we left this beautiful beast in peace, it's was a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life.



Fanatic of travel, exploration, cooking, microbreweries, aviation, outdoors, music, art, and cycling!

How do you chill/relax?

I don’t have a lot of time to relax, but when I do I like cooking for my friends/family and taste (sometimes drink too much )microbrew beers, and also travel between projects.

Describe your ultimate dream lounge setup:

Wide open air, bbq, and smokers draft beer machine, a chill garden, and good music!

Favorite Junk Food:

Fried chicken with hot sauce and pickles!!

Favourite Travel Destination:

Polar regions

Hugo Perin storm suit

Tuxy kit:

To face unpredictable and challenging weather that I faced on the regular during my expeditions and adventures, rugged and quality gear is essential. I think the Storm suit gathers these two principal aspects. In addition to that, the Storm suit is so small and versatile that I can take it with me everywhere and in such varied terrain, it not only keeps me dry it also covers me from the wind and the cold while being well insulated with base layers.

The versatility and the compactness of this product are the features that I like the most, you no longer need 3 different kits of outdoor clothing anymore.

hugo perin storm suit

 I feel very comfortable and confident in the Storm, it’s like my Patagonia fleece that I wear 80% of the time while on shoots which I've had for years now. I think that there is sentimental value in each piece of clothing you own, like my camera equipment, this creates trust between physical tools that keep you effective in all situations.

tuxy storm suit hugo perrin


Photo credit: Denis Duquette & Derek Martin

Words by: Hugo Perrin

Video: Hugo Perrin