A Tuxy, you say?

You might be deceived into thinking a Tuxy is just a regular lounge suit at first glance. But spending quality time in this ultra comfortable piece of clothing will show that it has so much more to offer.

Imagine the comfort of a onesie combined with the functionality and presentability of a sharp tracksuit. Then add style and practicality into the mix and you’re getting a bit closer to the essence of the Tuxy.

What is it?

When we get into the nitty gritty of it, a Tuxy is a one piece suit with a patented waist design that allows both the top and bottom pieces to be connected, but still move independently.

It has the features of a track suit, like an adjustable waist, breathable fabrics, and durable zippers, but without the draft and annoyance of a two piece.

Why, though?

The Tuxy was born of the desire to create a piece of clothing that would go virtually anywhere in virtually any situation.

  • Lounging at home? Check.
  • Taking a quick stop at the grocery store? Check.
  • Keeping warm at the gym? Check.
  • Road tripping with your best group of friends to a remote cabin in the woods? Check, check, check.

If you had to pick one piece of clothing to pack for a trip, this is the one you’d want.

How about 9 reasons why this is the world’s best lounge suit?

You’ve got it. Here we go:

High quality, breathable fabrics
Nothing is worse than itching, scratching and sweating when you just want to be comfortable. The Tuxy’s high quality fabrics will have you never wanting to take it off. 

Built to last
Did I mention extra durable YKK zippers? You want your clothes to last. That makes sense. The Tuxy has you covered there too.

Function of a one-piece
Now we’re getting into what makes a Tuxy so special. Life is a lot simpler if you can just grab one piece and go rather than hunting around for a matching set.

It. Has. Pockets.
Phone, keys, wallet? Your Tuxy will carry it all and with zippered pockets, no need to worry about losing the essentials.

No riding, bunching
We’ve all been there. You’re lounging on the couch and your sweater gets bunched up and twisted, riding halfway up your back. You’re bending over to put another log on the fire and your pants ride down a little too low. Not in a Tuxy, they won’t.

High quality fabrics and unique design make the Tuxy one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you can own. Whether you’re lounging or running around, the Tuxy is perfectly designed to keep cozy in all conditions.

It’s got style
There’s no denying that a Tuxy is one nice looking piece of clothing and there are so many ways to add your own flair. Layer with your favorite jacket and beanie or ball cap to really make it yours. 

No need to change
Transition seamlessly from the couch to brunch to the store to the gym without the hassle of multiple outfit changes in a day. You really can go through your whole day in a Tuxy.

Time saving
Maybe your alarm didn’t go off, maybe you got too engrossed in your latest Netflix binge. Either way, you’re running late and you don’t want to fuss with finding multiple pieces of clothing. Grab your Tuxy and you’re good to go.

How can I get one?
Thought you’d never ask. Tuxy suits are available for purchase below and ship worldwide. What are you waiting for?

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